Big things with little cars

Just a simple wheel swap

Had this 97 Tahoe for a while and it was in need of some new wheels the older ones were bent and just looked out of place.

Still needs some adjustments (older axles were a bit thicker and it’s rear sits a bit too low for my liking.)


My heavy custom builds are going to be on hold for a bit since two new additions are not used to the loud noises of the drill and dremel

It was 8 months ago since my last cat passed and it’s approaching the 4 month anniversary since my mom passed and it was just the right time to bring some life and excitement to my place. The female is a bit shy she likes to run if I try to get her but when I do she doesn’t put up a fight. The male is a lil ham he loves the attention he gets. Both are around 3 months old or so the male has an interesting story he was found at the Phx Zoo dehydrated and had a broken leg. He has since recovered and such a  delight to have and he loves being a bully to his adopted sister. 

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