Awesome news, instead of a new layer last night, I finished the grass instead! Hopefully you guys can see the difference. :).

What it looks like now, but the devil is in the details, :).

If you look at the grassy area, you can see patches of taller, coarser ground foam (the grass); that’s what I did last night. I took a sponge brush dipped in Mod-Podge, and sporadically dabbed it randomly, then adding the ground foam, to make it mimic nature. :).

I still have to do the grass ring around the pond, but I just included it in the ‘pond’ definition. Not sure how much of a beach I want though.


I added some more cat tails to the pond. I’m thinking maybe two groupings is good, as I don’t want to over do it. I also placed the cat tails where there is no ground foam already laid.


Yeah, the pond can be higher, :). Still, the opposite shore looks great!

I added this shot because it looks fantastic. Notice the coarse ground foam on the ground. :)


I’ll probably have to sweep the extra ground foam particles away, :p. My basement floor is covered with ground foam, dirt grains, and fake grass trimmings....I need to vacuum apparently, lol.


Another shot of the road. I should probably look into painting that foam board I use as a background...hmm...

Anyways, everything is coming along nicely, hooray! :).