K-Day 10/20 West Lebanon NH Civilized, fun, but... meh.

This was the second time I attended the K-Day in West Leb NH and it was just as enjoyable as the first. It’s very organized and well-run. Hat-tip to the folk at the West Leb K-Mart for doing an excellent job again. :)

My wife and I got to the store around 7:45 and there was already a small group of folks standing at the door. We stood in line until 8 and everyone was immediately issued a numbered ticket (I was #10 and my wife #11). The official event starts at 8:30-ish, so most of us just kinda milled around the store and pretended to shop. Once the cart of HW cases rolled out from the back room, everyone gathered in the holiday section where the tables were set up for “scraps”.

There’s two guys that attend which realllly knew their stuff last year. They knew the exact codes on the boxes to choose which had supers last year. So, I was watching them like a hawk to see which boxes they might point out and zero in on. I figured if I could memorize the code they were watching, I could aim for the same. This year, however, they didn’t seem to have a clue :( which wasn’t a good sign.


Overall there was appx 100 cases split among 40 attendees. Everyone got two cases and the remaining 20 were raffled off (I got one). Nobody seemed to get any supers which was a shame given the sheer amount of cases opened. Once you were done with your case, you put the cars on the “scraps” table for others to pick and choose cars they wanted. Plenty of exclusives and batmobile posters to make everyone happy. Just no excitement of finding supers for anyone.

Overall, it was fun again! Everyone is nice and pleasant and lots of attendees like to talk about cars and their collections. Out of 40 people there was only 4 (lol!) kids there and they had a great time.

My wife picked out the colorful Ford Transit connect <3 I had a really hard time because non of the mainlines really appealed to me at all, just the custom green 53 Chevy which looks fantastic. I still needed to get 20 cars to qualify for the mail-in Batmobile. So, I just maxed out on tooned beetles because the diecast engine is a blast to wedge into customs.

As an added bonus, K-Mart had a nice selection of JL cars and the Landcruiser was on the pegs. I’ve wanted it for a while but didnt want to order online. So, that got me pretty excited.


Great event! Hoping the West Leb store sticks around for another year so I can attend more. The Rutland Vt. store closed last year. So, West Leb is really my final option to attend K-day.

Potato pics of the event below :) 




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