Big things with little cars

K-Day HAWL. Good times good times!

I got to attend my first K-Day today. Scratch that off my bucket list. :)

My super-awesome wife tagged along and we made the 40 min trip northward to the West Lebanon NH K-Mart. I have to say, the event was organized really well and all the collectors were great to hang out with. Fun times! My wife and I were number 8 and 9 when we got there at 8:15. appx 12 more people showed up so we had a little more than 20 attendees total. Everybody got a case and there was 4 extras after that. On top of that, the KMart also had about 8 cases of cars from last months K-Day. All in all, almost everyone got to open two cases. Which was really cool. I was just psyched to score the 3rd gen Red Rx7. I really wanted that one last month but I wasn’t able to make it to the event.

Everyone was courteous and friendly. Several collectors asked me what cars I was hoping to find and they went out of their way to make sure I found some in the insane amount of leftovers when we were all done. I believe 4 supers were found (purple Nova I think?) maybe more, there were a few really quiet collectors that stuck to thier cases and didn’t talk much.


Here’s the full HAWL. My wife picked a bunch of the cars on the right for giggles even though she doesn’t collect. haha! She actually had a lot of fun even though she knew full well I dragged her along to up my chances at getting a super. She was one of 4 wives tasked with such a job. ;)

The day got even better when we stopped at a junk-shop on the way home and I found a magnificent 1:18 scale Saab 900 Turbo. Full review on that soon. At the same shop, I found something even more amazing... The most 80's looking ghetto blaster boom box I have ever laid eyes on...


it’s just so beautiful I can’t even... <3 <3 <3. Will be interesting to see if it still works!


Hope everyone had an awesome K-Day!

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