Big things with little cars

K-Day Outcome

First, let me say my K-Day was a success. I was lucky enough to get a case to open. It had all 4 Kmart exclusives plus a So Plowed Treasure Hunt. Not my favorite casting by any means, but it’s still a TH. I pulled an extra set of the Kmart exclusives if anyone wants to HWEP. I also got several other cars I hoped for + 20 spares for the Datsun Bluebird 510 mail-in :)


Second, I need to rant... There were probably 30-35 people there today, but there were only 20 cases to go around. Everyone got a raffle ticket, and the cases were awarded by random draw. The part that sucks: one guy brought his 4 kids and at least 3 women with him. He ended up getting 6 of the 20 boxes. I know it’s random, and I know I could have brought a bunch of people with me too. I just think it’s kinda dirty. What do you guys think?

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