Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

K-Day results: not bad, not good.

Went to Kday this morning. Good turnout, though it’s a double-edged sword. The more people show, the more cases the location could potentially have for the next event. But that also means more people clamoring for those sacred casts. Our store had 24 cases. Yep. 24. Out of all of those cases, there was only one $TH. No regular THs. No Leap Year cars.

I “dragged” my wife to this one and I got called in the first round. My wife got called the second round. Last. The last case available for her to go through was... mine. But I did end up getting 20 cars and I’ve been saving cards from me and my daughter’s openings. The overall casts available in the cases were lackluster and the $TH was eh. The regular was not much either. Most of the cars were E case carry-overs. And that crazy smile face Mustang was nowhere to be found! Still, the Blown Delivery looks to be totally worth it. And the Integra is good as well. I had fun and It’s cool to meet fellow collectors and talk shop, so to speak. Hope everyone that participated had a good time as well!

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Thanks for looking and good hunting!

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