Looks like the November 8th Kmart Collectors days cases are up the Kmart website. For the new guys K mart has collectors days a few times a year, most K mart have special events where you can go in and usually draw a number and get to open a fresh case of hot wheels. They usually start around 9am so you need to get there early to get in line for a number. For those of you like myself who work or just don't want to wait you buy a case of 36 cars from kmart.com. They usually contain at least 2 each of the 4 kmart specific cars and the rest are what ever they current case release is, I think these fall under the 2015 B case assortment.

Also for those that want to try and save a little bit of money, you can do the Shop you way free trial to get free shipping and then just cancel it afterwards.

I know a few people ordered the last time so I thought I would throw a link this time.