Robin: Holy foursome Batman! Looks like Mattel released another Batmobile but instead of 1/64 scale, it is now bigger and are joined by 3 others based on the gadgets used in our classic TV show. I was even surprised we managed to acquire all 4 at the same time.

Batman: Right Robin. I remember when we first used the Batboat and Batcopter on our first featured film “Batman the movie”.

Robin: Right Batman. I also remember when a company called Corgi brought our Batmobile to life in a small size for kids and adults to admire and play with.

Batman: Don’t forget its little brother Husky with the smaller size replica.

Robin: Right Batman. What do you think of these new replicas?

Batman: That’s a good question Robin. Let’s use our Bat analyzer to check them out.


Robin: Right Batman, I’m on it.


Batman: How is the Bat Analyzer coming along?

Robin: I’m still trying to penetrate the invisible shield on these replicas. Holy impenetrable Batman! It’s more difficult than I thought. Our Bat analyzer was only able to visually check the outer part but unable to give a full detail report.


Batman: In that case we need to use the Bat DLM.

Robin: Will it work?

Narrator: Will it work indeed? Are the dynamic duo doom to have their gadgets locked in blister packs forever? Tune in next time, hopefully same Bat-blog, same Bat-channel!