My favorite Hot Wheels Series was released in 1982, another set of six boxed tractor trailer rigs called Truck Co. The Truck Co. Series used the cabs from the Steering Rigs line without using the Mack cab, instead they used the Kenworth cab twice.

GMC Hot Ones Racing Hauler with P-911.

Three new trailers were introduced with the Truck Co. line, Racecar Hauler, Construction Hauler, and Auto Hauler Trailers, each with workable car ramp on the back.

Peterbilt Race Team Hauler with Thunderstreak (I swapped the original bw Thunderstreak for a RR variation).

Each Truck Co. rig came with a Hot Wheels car included.


Kenworth Auto Hauler with Omni 024.

These rigs have become extremely popular over the last few years, they can be difficult to find and expensive. Often making them a grail piece for those that collect one of the castings like the P-911.


Kenworth Newcar Transport Hauler with Aries Wagon.

White LTL California Construction Hauler with Wheel Loader.


Ford LTL Road Repair Hauler with Dump Truck.