Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Killing CHRISTINE with a Real Plymouth Fury

As you may be able to tell from my posts, I’m a huge fan a TV and movie cars. One of the most iconic movie cars is a ah, blood red Plymouth Fury named Christine. If you’re not familiar with the movie, it revolves around a 1958 Plymouth Fury that is basically evil incarnate, and possesses its owners — all of which end up dead. The movie is done pretty well, and the regeneration scenes of Christine “coming back to life” rival even the best CGI used today...because they used real parts and props, so what you’re seeing is “real”. I have been buying up Auto World and M2 Belvederes and Furys in order to make some dioramas from the movie, and have finally got enough cars amassed to do what I need with them.

This particular video shows a bit of the behind-the-scenes action of trying to recreate the final action scene in Christine: where Dennis runs a struggling Christine over with a bulldozer. The scene is just plain awesome, and I knew I had to destroy a 1/64 Christine in order to recreate it. So, what better way to destroy a Christine than to crush it with an actual Plymouth Fury. The crusher car isn’t a ‘58, but rather a 1975 Gran Fury, but I still thought it was cool a real Fury was doing the “killing”.

I liked the end results and still have some crushing work to do, but will post the final results and photos during Car Week later in March. Stay tuned!


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