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Hello people from LaLD! Welcome to part 3 of my review of my Koenigsegg Agera in 1:18 scale, made by AUTOart. Today i will be looking at the carbonfiber optics, enjoy!

Starting off with the front splitter. Normally this part of the car doesn’t stand out in a photo, but now it gets our attention. As you can see it is highly detailed with the carbonfiber and looks really cool.


Moving on to the side mirrors. These things also don’t stand out in most photo’s. AUTOart again did a very good job on this, with again, that’s what it’s about today, with the carbonfiber.

Next up are the side skirts and the places on both sides of the car where the logo is that says ‘Agera’. Again AUTOart did a very good job on this.


Next up is the back of the car, which is filled with carbonfiber. And again, AUTOart did a great job on this.


Last but not least: the spoiler. Here you can see the very special Agera Stripe, which looks amazing on the car. The stripe can also be seen in the interior, which will come later. The spoiler is again fully carbonfiber, which makes it look even more amazing.


The carbonfiber on this car was done by tampon-printing.

Thank you guys for all the support, and stay tuned for (daily) posts from me and my cars on LaLD.



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