The Modificata 456M appeared in 1998, starting with chassis number 109589. Many changes were made to improve aerodynamics and cooling, and the interior – still featuring Connolly Leather – was freshened with new seats and other conveniences (fewer gauges on dash, and a new Becker stereo fitted in front of gear stick rather than behind as in the very shallow and special Sony head unit in the 456 GT). Some readily apparent changes can be seen in the two adjoining pictures. The 456 has a smaller grille with fog lights outside the grille. The 456 also had hood-mounted air scoops which can be seen removed on the 456M. The undercarriage spoiler on the 456M is fixed, where the older 456 had a motorized spoiler that began its deployment above 105 km/h (65 mph). Power remained unchanged on the Modificata using Bosch Motronic M5.2 engine management at 442 PS (325 kW; 436 hp); the cylinder firing order was changed for smoother running, and the torque remained the same for later versions of the 456 GT.



Here we have the 456M from Kyosho in 1/64. The model does its job representing a mild overhaul of the beautiful 456. All the diecast details are there, As we have come to expect from Kyosho. I will say I personally didn’t like the changes and much prefer the original 456. I think the designs just get worse over time culminating in the fugly FF. This however a Ferrari worth having if you see it under 10$

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