The Bosch K-Jetronic CIS fuel injected BB 512i introduced in 1981 was the last of the series. The fuel injected motor produced cleaner emissions and offered a better balance of performance and daily-driver temperament.

External differentiators from the BB 512 besides badging include a change to metric sized wheels and the Michelin TRX metric tire system, small white running lights in the nose, and red rear fog lamps outboard of the exhaust pipes in the rear valance.

1,007 BB 512i models were produced.




Today we finish the BBs with a street 512BBi, the actual car was not improvement in any way performance wise the car actually got slower even though it was injected and more refined “added weight”. The model it’s self is great providing great paint decals wheels and proportions. This is a must have for BB fans but the 365 is the one you want in real life.

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