Work is slowly creeping into the life now. Barely a moment for a breather, and dust off the camera for some snappin’ up. Finally a breather weekend, and one of the long - overdue packages show up at the doorstep. Postman brings happiness once in a while.

Probably the most beautiful ‘Rari to my eyes.

Alright. I always wanted an F355 in my collection. My first taste of the car came through Need For Speed II. Sure enough, it was crappy for racing purposes but boy it looked so beautiful.

Was contemplating on going for a HW or MBX, depending on availability of course, but then stumbled upon this example by Kyosho.


Needless to say, Kyosho is at its best here.


Attention to detail is pure Kyosho. Check the decklid.


Got a big day coming up tomorrow as the local collectors’ gang meets up! Will keep fellow LaLDers posted on how it turns out!

Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend!