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LaLD 101: How to Make Your Photo's 10x Better For Just $0.74

For the past couple of months I have fought fiercely in a battle to find the best way to take great photos, on a budget. I used to only take photos outside using the automatic setting on my phone’s camera. It was a good tactic, I would get pretty great pics half of the time. But now I present my technique for taking pictures just like the one shown above. And yes, that is a maisto.


So my previous setup I was quite proud of. It was a wood board painted in matte grey paint from walmart. I got the paint for about $0.97. With a blanket as the backdrop.

Here is the photo of my maisto GT-R that I considered my best ever taken (until yesterday)

Ahh the dust!
Illustration: .

So here is what I got to solve my problem. I was at the dollar tree and I noticed some poster board for 69 cents plus tax. I was looking at the white at first but I fell in love with this almost black-grey color. And that’s all I did. Just combine it with long exposure and a diffused flashlight, and boom.


Some extra failed pics


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