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LaLD at Petit LeMans

I only brought two items with me that I wanted signed by the drivers: my window visors from my Miata to get signed by Joest Mazda and my Hot Wheels 2016 Ford GT premium diecast! I actually nabbed this at a Target months ago and kept it safe so I could bring it to Petit LeMans to be autographed.

The Ganassi drivers were more than kind to sign this! Sadly for me, the 66 would drop down the ranks after going off-roading in Turn 1 and the 67 wasn’t able to catch the 62 Ferrari in the closing laps.


However, that Ford GT wasn’t the only diecast in my possession by the end of the weekend...

That honor would go to the stupid-expensive ($102) limited-edition Coke Porsche that was sold at the Porsche merchandising tent. Worth it? Hell yes considering all the Coke Porsche hats were sold out, the free autographed posters had what looked like a 1-hour wait, and this gem was one of four cars left for sale by the time I bought it 3 hours into the race! This one is going alongside the Flying Lizard resin model from when I at Petit LeMans in 2012!

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