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LaLD Car Week 1970's: De Tomaso Pantera GTS

The De Tomaso Pantera was one of a number of beautiful European-American joint projects. Legendary designer Tom Tjaarda designed the sleek Pantera bodywork, and a Ford Cleveland V8 delivered plenty of power. The Pantera would remain in production for 20 years and sold a healthy 7,000 units.

This car started life as the lovely, flawed Summer cast. I stripped the paint from the paper-thin body and sanded away some of the larger defects. The body was given a fresh coat a metallic blue, a color I thought would suit the car’s aggressive lines. The base is plastic and therefore the metallic blue paint would not look the same as the body. So I went for a Pantera GTS-style scheme and painted the base black. Wheels are the tri-spokes from Matchbox.


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