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LaLD Car Week: 1983 Porsche 956

The 956/962 is simply the greatest sportscar there ever was. The car dominated Group C racing from 1982 until well into the 1990's. This is the 1983 Le Mans-winning Rothmans 956, driven by Vern Schuppan, Al Holbert, and Hurley Haywood.

This started life as the Hot Wheels Advan 962. I stripped and repainted the body with Tamiya lacquers. Then I applied decals from IndyCals, put a coat of clear on, and put the car back together. I’m wanting to do a whole lot more 956/962 customs, and thanks to VdubyaJohn, I have the cars to do them! More customs will hopefully come soon. Apologies for the weak photos, I ran out of time and had to take them from my office. 


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