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LALD Car Week: 2010s

I’ll start the week off with a model that holds a special spot in my collection. I usually post 1/64ish stuff because that’s what makes up 95% of my collection. But I’m changing it up with this 1:43 Spark Models 2013 ALMS Porsche. This car is special to me because the real 1:1 car was sponsored by my old job, where I worked for 5 years and really had a great time with some guys I still call my friends. If you look under the headlights you can see their decal “”. My old boss had given this one to me as a Christmas present, along with an authenticity card signed by one of the drivers. It seems these are pretty tough to come by, I only found one on eBay, with about a $100 asking price. Excuse the crap photos, but enjoy the beauty of this excellent model:


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