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LaLD Car Week 2010s: Nissan GT-R Spec V (2011) - Perfect Timing

This HPI 1:43 R35 GT-R Spec V was my first purchase after joining LaLD. And the subject of my mail call when I received it exactly a year ago.

Finally a whole year later, I have taken a quick moment to shoot a couple of very quick photos of it.


The timing couldn’t be any better

I took a few quick minutes to fit this shoot in right before midnight Eastern time for LaLD Car week.


If you know your GT-Rs, you’ll recognize that this is not an original R35 GT-R but the 2011 facelifted model.


Undeniably fitting into day 1 of LaLD Car Week


I completely forgot about my 1 year LaLD anniversary. But no more writing now, time to get back to stuff I really need to get done 😭 Or rather I need to be writing my cover letter, not this 😞

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