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LaLD Car Week 2018

After a one year hiatus, I’m pleased to announce that LaLD Car Week will return this year!

What is Car Week? Well its loosely based on the real Car Week out in Montery every summer. Its a chance for you to bring out the best of your best and show them off. Votes are cast and winners are chosen.


LaLD Car Week was originally thought up by veteran collector dtg11, who ran the show in 2015 and 2016. Let me tell you, those two events brought about the most engaging posts I’ve ever seen, and also the coolest models. But he’s been busy doing lame things like going to college and building a better future for himself. Pfffffft.

So I’ve decided to use my mod powers and resurrect this event for this year, to be held the third week of March. That should give you all plenty of time to select and photograph your best models.

The rules will be simpler this time around. Each day of the week will be given a specific theme. Your job is to choose your best model that fits that theme. You get to post 1 model each day of any scale you’d like, be it a Hot Wheels, a 1/43, or 1/18 etc. Judging will be much simpler this time around too, we’re going to do straight up star counts awarded by your peers. Everyone’s a judge, everyone can participate.

This year’s overall theme will be colors. Follow the schedule below for the event:

Sunday March 18th - Red models

Monday March 19th - White models

Tuesday March 20th - Blue models

Wednesday March 21st - Silver models

Thursday March 22nd - Black models

Friday March 23rd - Purple models

Saturday March 24th - Wildcard (pick any color you’d like)

At the end of the week, I’ll count up the stars every post got and announce the daily winners for every scale, as well as an overall winner in each scale, and our Best of Show being the top model with the most stars. Ties will be decided by number of comments received, so get the conversations going!


How do you choose 1 model? Pick out your coolest car of that day’s color and show it off along with a brief description. Posts must be tagged with “LaLD Car Week 2018" for vote tallying. You get to post 1 scale per day, so use that to your advantage if you’ve got a really cool red Ferrari 1/18 for Sunday and an awesome custom Hot Wheels for Monday.

How do you judge the cars during car week? Simple, give a star (recommend) any post that you believe should win. Judges should consider things like creativity of the selection, photography skills, and the story the model tells. Star as many posts as you like, since Kinja only allows each user to star a post once.


A winner from every scale will receive bragging rights an eternal LaLD Car Week glory. Just like my Best of Show winner Lancia 037


Huge shoutout to DTG for the original idea. I hope that I can do it justice by carrying on the tradition.

So bring out your best and show off your collection. Lurkers get in on the action and hopefully some veterans come out of retirement. Look for more weekly events throughout the year too, hosted by your friendly LaLD mods. We’ve had some fun with Shark Week and Bread-Box weeks in the past too.


Any questions ask below, or leave a comment to request access to post to LaLD if you are new to the site!

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