Big things with little cars

Now that we all found out why Friday was purple it’s time for the finale! And what better way to do just that than with a cast that matches your 1:1, like Philipilihp already showed us last Tuesday. I showed my DD before with a MBX but I have quite some casts of my beloved JDM Nissan Be-1 as well.


This one is a 1/43 by Norev. I have two TLVs as well (one with and one without the suitcase, one I got from my good buddy Jonee when he came to export the LNA - MUST READ!) so I might show ‘m all together once. But as it’s weekend I don’t have time to do my regular write ups and so this is it: Thank you all for making this week as epic as it was and I think it’s safe to say we had a blast! 良い週末 (Yoi shūmatsu (Have a great Weekend!)!)!And let’s speed up to our next theme week!


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