You just can’t keep a time tested four-wheel drive off road vehicle down.

Whether off-roading ...

Or just showing off...

This thing is definitely a beauty and a beast at the same time.

The model was introduced in 1983 as “Land Rover One Ten”, and in 1984 the “Land Rover Ninety” was added – the numbers representing the respective wheelbases in inches. (In fact the Ninety was nearer 93 inches at 92.9").


While the engine and other body panels were carried over from the Series III, mechanically the 90 and 110 were modernized, including:

  • Coil springs, offering a more comfortable ride and improved axle articulation
  • A permanent four-wheel-drive system derived from the Range Rover, featuring a two-speed transfer gearbox with a lockable centre differential
  • A modernised interior
  • A taller one-piece windscreen
  • A new series of progressively more powerful and modern engines


The casting being represented here is a 1/24 Welly Land Rover Defender. It has nice front and back detail as the lights are individual parts. The wheels look realistic as well.

So you may wonder why did Welly indicated the model by that name instead of Land Rover Ninety. Because Land Rover change the name in late 1990 because in 1989 the company had introduced the Discovery model, requiring the original Land Rover to acquire a name.


The model has opening bonnet as this is how the British called their hood and doors.


The model represented here comes with left hand drive so this is probably a NAS (North American Specification).


After an exhausting uphill drive, it’s time to enjoy the sunset.

Photo borrowed from internet.

Here is a 1:1.