The Car Week is here! Weirdly enough, my network provider decided to shut off LaLD webpage for no reason (we recently had a social media blackout, and maybe that could be the reason, they haven’t fixed it yet). Weird.

Anyway, the entry for the first day of LaLD Car Week from me is this Hot Wheels ‘71 Ford Mustang Mach 1, in Retro Entertainment guise. It comes straight off the Bond flick “Diamonds are Forever”, and features full front, side and rear decals along with a nice set of Real Riders.

The actual car portrayed by this had some very interesting screen time back in the day, with Sean Connery (no not really) tastefully flicking it around the streets to ward off the coppers. The intriguing chase culminates in the Stang doing a ‘Ski Mode’ through a narrow alleyway, and emerging out banking from the opposite end. How it flicked ends in the alley, we will never know.

The car that was featured in the movie happens to be a 2nd gen Mach 1, with a 429 Cobra Jet V8 under the hood. As usual, multiple cars had been used in the filming, and apparently one is still surviving after a restoration.


Front misses out on the fog and indicator decals
No rear badges here, only some taillight detailing


As for the model, it is a dress up of HW’s usual Mach 1 casting. This iteration has some restrained detail work along with the trademark paint scheme and the fitting RR wheel. I am not a fan of massive rear wheels after all, but they don’t look too bad here.  


Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome week ahead!