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LaLD Car Week 2019: 2000's Italian Supermodel

Beautiful isn’t she? The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, in my opinion, is second in timeless beauty only to the FD RX-7. On the 1:1 scale there are only 500 in the world, but thanks to Welly we can all pick up a 1:18 scale model to tide us over until we can afford the real one.

Who wore it best? Which car looks better in red?
They share a bit more than a passing resemblance, no?
Actual chrome bits behind the mesh. I like that attention to detail.

I quite like Welly’s models, they’re nicely detailed for what they ask for and the panel gaps are always so thin and tight.


This is my first entry in LaLD Car Week 2019. I’ve started with an Italian beauty and tomorrow I will continue that theme and display another Italian model.

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