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LaLD Car week 90's Tomica 1:64 Mitsubishi Minica Toppo

How about some Kei Car love eh? You know you want to click the little ribbon thingy because it’s so darn cute! <3

This is a recent acquisition for me. Just in time for Car Week! The Toppo first gen (this model) was introduced in 1998/99. It’s definitely a car AP would rock in 1:1 if we had these in the states. I had pretty much given up on getting the Tomica diecast because these are abundant with various themed paintjobs and decals. Not really my thing (I made one glorious exception on a different car).

Imagine my surprise when I found one recently on the ‘bay that actually looked like a normal street going car? Price was awesome as well so I scooped it up.


This particular Tomica is a “lotto” version which apparently was part of a blind box offering from them. Ultimately, I am super happy to have this in my collection and pleased to share it for LaLD car week. 


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