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LaLD Car Week: A New Generation of Automobile

Now for today’s 1970s run, comes a car that I’ve thought long about finally showcasing here. This is a Mercedes 250T made by KK-Scale, aka the first sealed 1/18 I’ve ever owned.


Sealed diecast is something I’ve always been extremely skeptic about. I highly prefer the ability to open up my models and inspect the finer details on the inside of the car, such as the interior and the engine bay. But I found this particular model for a decent enough price online, and considering the type of car it is, I decided to add it to the collection.

I personally think it was worth it. Sure, I may not be able to look at the fine woodgrain on the dashboard up close and personally, but the detailing on the exterior is 100% worth the trouble. Plus it’s such a great conversation piece, I feel like most of my friends and family are drawn to this little red wagon more than anything else I have. So, I think I can see some more sealed, and maybe even resin models in my future.

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