Being a massive R33 fan, how can I go on Car Week without re-featuring this beauty? The 400R...a rather special variant of the already powerful R33 GTR

To give you guys a brief introduction into the car, I’ll talk about the mechanical side of this beast. Which to be honest, is not only the heart and soul of the 400R but also the best part. The car featured a bored stroked RB26DETT engine (RBX-GT2) that was retuned and re-calibrated by none other than Nismo and REINIK.

The engine featured a 77.7 mm stroke crankshaft, forged pistons, upgraded oil system, larger exhaust manifolds, larger and higher output turbocharger as well as other goodies such as high lift camshafts and upgraded NISMO brake pads.

The 400R had a better advantage towards the ‘base’ R33 Spec V in that it featured wider bumpers, side skirts, bigger air scoops and carbon fiber parts. Combined all this with the already powerful engine, allowed the 400hp, 347 lb-ft to sprint from knot to 60 in 4.0 seconds flat. These figures are already impressive for sports cars nowadays.. and now let’s keep in mind that the 400R is turning 10 years old this year.... 10...