Here is my submission for black Thursday, my custom monster jam Grave Digger. I skipped yesterday because, well, I don’t have a silver monster truck.

Anyway, Grave Digger.

With this, I tried to replicate Grave Digger #2. For the few that don’t know, Grave Digger is arguably the most popular, well known monster truck on the planet. Created in the mid 80's by Dennis Anderson, Grave Digger started as a ‘51 Ford mud truck Dennis assembled with spare parts he found. One day while some friends were ragging on him for his ratty looking truck, Dennis came back with “I’ll take this old junk and dig you a grave with it.” The name stuck, and Grave Digger was born. Eventually after the truck was wrecked, it was replaced with a ‘51 Ford Panel truck, which was converted into his first monster truck. Then came Grave Digger #2, a ‘50 Chevy Panel truck which is the same body style the truck still runs today.

As I said, I tried to replicate Grave Digger #2 which rose to popularity in the late 80's as Dennis would drive it to the brink and usually past it, earning himself the nickname “One Run Anderson.” You’d usually get one good run out of him before the truck broke, but you bet it’d be the run of the night.

Made from a monster jam Grave Digger body, I added a grille made from paper clips, and a chassis from a different monster jam truck. Then added wheels from a Road Champs Monster truck as they look somewhat close to the wider than normal monster truck tires Dennis ran back in the day. Enjoy!