My submission for blue Tuesday is my custom 1/64 Bigfoot Champions Hot Wheels. These things came out around 1991, and I used to have the entire lot of them when I was a kid. The one with small tires, the one with big tires, the one with really big tires, the tank, the hauler, and Snake Bite. A while back while going through my parents attic, I found a few of these again. The one that was in the roughest shape I decided to customize into what you see here. I used the more scale accurate wheels from a monster jam truck, and made it look like the arguably best Bigfoot truck ever, number four. Why do I say number four is so legendary? Here’s why:

It was a total beast back in its day. It’s one of the only trucks I believe that started out the old school way from an actual pick up truck, then became a fiberglass body race truck, and then a semi tube frame full on race truck. I attempted to replicate its fiberglass bodied race truck version which is shown in the first race of the video posted above. I even hollowed out the plastic in between the leaf springs and shocks. I know it’s kind of hard to see in my potato pictures, but trust me, it’s hollow. Enjoy!