What says class then having a simple yet elegant design? The LFA was a huge leap in terms of both design and image for Lexus. Before the LFA, we would often associate Lexus with old retired middle class figures who casually takes morning strolls next to their golf course. However, since the debut of the LFA and its world class engine, many in the car world started taking Lexus more seriously.

The car wasn’t just a huge leap for Lexus, but it represented the epitome of what the company had to offer in terms of both performance and elegance...and that is where the LC500 and LS600hL comes in.

Unlike the LFA, the LC500 and LS600hL were both aimed towards luxury then performance. In fact, living close to a golf course myself, the statistics of seeing either are pretty high...the LC500 represents the best grand tourer that Lexus has to offer while the LS600hL on the other hand, presents us with a category of luxury hybrid that no one asked for (at roughly $120k)..

With that said, here’s my submission for Day 2 of LaLD Car Week!