Another problematic day. Plenty of silver cars.

The solution came quite a long time back, completely in contrast to yesterday.

My obsession for model cars started when I read a Mitsubishi newsletter around 2003. The magazine, from 1999, featured a miniature car of the then all-new third generation Mitsubishi Pajero (also named Montero for a very weird reason, and Shogun in the UK). I always wanted one of those. I never managed to get one those days, but the lust never died down, and helped me get my first actual model car back in 2006, after I managed to save some pocket money to afford a 1:18! Sadly its whereabouts are not known at the moment, unless it would have been the definitive candidate for the black car day.

Years later, I managed to save some more pocket money and purchase this.


The dealer replica for 2007 Mitsubishi Pajero, 1:43, from Sunstar Vitesse. The actual car has a cult status here in SL, ever since the first edition had landed back in the early ‘80s. The SUV has a reputation for being a potent display of wealth, quite contrary to what Mitsubishi intended it to be - a very capable off roader that could tame the family duties as well.

Sadly the Pajero / Montero / Shogun has become another victim of Mitsubshi’s bad finances. The current model is already off the markets in most cases, and it shows its age so well now. In fact, the 4th gen was not all - new, and partially borrowed from the previous generation which was launched in 1999. To think of an SUV that has underpinnings almost two decades old is a miserable situation. Hopefully the new partnership with Renault - Nissan will bring some cash and intent to the Pajero (there are few signs of a rejuvenated Pajero appearing, including the despicable Grand Cruiser concept, and the talk of co-developing the Pajero alongside the Nissan Patrol).


I seriously wish that the plans will spawn a new variant and not let the Pajero name die a horrid death like the Evolution. It has an impeccable track record in the Dakar, and is showing its durability very well here in Sri Lanka (the first generation machines still do daily work, and command a massive market value for its age). The car has engraved itself with the Sri Lankan car culture; first gen is colloquially referred to as Palath Sabha (provincial council in Sinhala) model, owing to it being distributed among the councils at their inception in 1987, second gen high roof versions are known as ‘computer body’ models, semi-high roof GLS wagons are known as “Intercooler”s (cue the Intercooler Turbo side decal on the models :D). “Intercoolers” made the SUV quite popular among the rich and famous, and became a status symbol with the company of Mercs and BMWs.

Speaking of the model, it is a very faithful resurrection of the actual model, fitting for a dealer model. My only nag is the somewhat so-so finish of the model that has seen the rear left mudflap come loose, paint bubbles appear on the right side, and the spare tire garnish being discoloured, despite a very concealed storage. I would love to hear from the fellow LaLDers on the quality of Vitesse models, if anyone happens to own one.


The Pajero decal misses the J here

Despite all that, this remains the crown jewel of my collection. A fitting entry for the LaLD Car Week at last.

Sorry for the long post. Here is another pic. :D


Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome Car Week!