Yee haw! The angry comments from the LaLD heavyweights have been heard by our network peeps, and the website now comes in smoothly.

Usually this should be an easy colour, I mean everyone has a white model car right! Turns out it is the case for me as well, but nothing special enough to climb aboard the Car Week. Duh.

Almost. Almost, if not for the Tomica Premium Porsche Carrera 2.7 RS. That has been snapped before and posted in the best setup I can make in my ad hoc environment. Dusting off the snaps for Car Week. In the meantime I should hunt for more white models. Seriously.

No need to ponder on the history of this car. However it is still worth heaving praise on Takara Tomy for this model, and practically their entire Premium line. Everything is perfect in these cars, except for the wheels (why the crappy plastic tire, why...).



Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome #LaLDCarWeek ahead!