Today’s entry was a little more difficult than yesterday’s, as I had two pretty spectacular white models to choose from. I ended up going for this 2014 Range Rover Sport, as the other one is not quite ready for showing off just yet.

The Range Rover was once a proud and true off-roader owned by farmers and expeditioners alike. These days, many would tell you that their jet-set stature has ruined the heritage, but frankly, the fact is less so, even in this tarted up Sport model, represented here by Welly in 1/24 scale.

Shown with a Bburago P38 Range Rover from my first review on LaLD.

Frankly, the Range Rover might be the best its ever been in its current guise, with off-road technologies and gizmos that would make a Space Shuttle blush. It’s truly an SUV that can look good on the trails and on the road all at the same time. And it has the power to boot with a fantastic choice of engines available.


As for this diecast, if you’re looking for a good representation of a Range Rover Sport that doesn’t break the bank, you couldn’t do better. Welly surely is one of the best in the 1/24 game, enough so that their selection of Range Rovers makes me want to make a collection one day.


I think that’ll be all for now. See you tomorrow!