Day 3!

Day 3 of the Car Week reminded me of the massive volume of blue cars I have, including the only 1:24 diecast model in my possession. It is coincidental but matches with my personal preference as well. However that put me in the opposite situation of what I faced selecting a car for yesterday; which one to feature on the Car Week?

The answer came on last Saturday.

True enough, this model is hardly as special or unique as the other cars adorning the LaLD homepage today, but it sure is one special model for me. Not least because it is a Skyline (I have described my love for the boxy racer before as well :D ) but this happens to be the only model I truly hunted. Weird since I initially dismissed it! Later on, when someone from the community showed photos of a model he claimed he found on local pegs, I was restless. What followed were weeks of walks and rides to toyshops and supermarkets, to see if the elusive R34 was hangin’ around.

I was not lucky at all. I was beaten to the car more than once (as I discovered on the local FB groups of collectors) or in most cases, the places I visited had never received the car. Employees of supermarket chains were of no help whatsoever (HW circulation in Sri Lanka is very limited, and they simply categorize them along with other crappy toy cars).


Finally I had some luck, but not off pegs. One of our fellow collectors who resides in Japan managed to grab a few, and I grabbed one from him. Ever since that car got to my hands on last Saturday, there was little doubt on the blue day entry. :D


The wheels look out of place from this angle, and the wheel design highlights a lack of options in the HW RR inventory. The upcoming black 5sps will fit this one way better than the current wheel.


I surely do not need to explain to the fellow LaLDers on the Skyline, or the inspiration for this iteration. Interestingly HWs execution has its good and bad. The R34 has been replicated by a few marques in 1:64 scale, including GL, Tomica and HW (arguably the best one comes from Kyosho, but it is in a different price league next to the aforementioned). HW’s execution may not be the best, but it is a weirdly attractive car; a model that drags you into it.

The casting is far from perfect, but it has a weird attractive feel to it


Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome #CarWeek ahead!