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LaLD Car Week 2019 - Day 3: VTEC Kicked In YO!

The name Keiichi Tsuchiya is revered across the globe. You may know him better by his eponymous title “Dorikin” a.k.a Donkey Kong DRIFT KING and his angling cameo in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.


This is a faithful 1/64 scale recreation by Inno64 of the #100 ADVAN K.Tsuchiya JTCC 1995 Honda Civic Ferio Gr.A piloted by Tsuchiya in the 1995 Japanese Touring Car Championship Series.

I guess we all have humble beginnings.

It is of course, front wheel drive and Tsuchiya didn’t actually place particularly well in the series.

What he lacked in grip and competitive speed however, he made up for in style and panache.


It is said that when he is driving a front wheel drive car on the track, he would pull the handbrake just before hitting the apex, locking up the rear brakes momentarily, triggering rotation and early turn-in, which increased his entry speed and minimised understeer.


This generation of Civic was a staple sight in the 90's. I remember riding in the back seat of a friends’ white EG9 sedan and later on in high school, using the distinctive Range Rover like rear hatch mechanism of another’s 3 door.


This generation remains my favourite of the Civics, and this 1/64 model perfectly encapsulates the rounded lines we have come to love.


I don’t think its successors have quite captured that same spirit and soul and widespread appeal.


Anyways, enough reminiscing.

Now, what to do about the 80's...

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