Today seems to be my unlucky day when it comes to this, more on that after the break. My submission for today is this fine 1/64 1975 Cadillac Coupe deVille by AutoWorld. Like the DeVille from yesterday, this little thing ticks all of my boxes in pure strangeness of what it represents, as well as the intricate details AW cared to put into it. I’ve never seen anyone except for myself care so much about one of these.

I want to personally apologize about the lack of pictures with this post as I really wanted to give more. However, as I mentioned before, I just had a lot of rotten luck today with this. I originally wanted to do a Luxury Collectibles 1/43 CTS-V, but one of the screws in the base was screwed in so tight that I ended up scoring the place where the screwdriver goes trying to get it out. Then my computer didn’t want to export any images off my camera for some odd reason. THEN when I tried hosting them on a website, they ended up being too small. So I said F**k it all and just uploaded them to Facebook, which is why they’re a little low quality in comparison to most of my shots.

So, sorry.