For car week I dlm’ed this Hot Wheels Kalifornia Kustoms Jack Baldwin SCCA Trans-Am series Camaro i got from, fellow LaLD’er, Huzer.

This is part of the Kalifornia Kustoms line released by Hot Wheels in the early 2000's. The cars in the set are packaged in a clear plastic tube, allowing you to view the car from all angles.

This is the only car from the set that I have. As a fan of everything racing, this was a holy grail find for me, as it seems to be the most popular, and hardest to find, from the set.


The detail on this car is spectacular. The removable front clip is a nice, realistic feature. The interior is a bit sparse, and could use a little detailing, but will remain as is. This model will always be one of my favorites and is now safely back in its tube, where it will remain until it is handed down to my son, someday.