Big things with little cars

When Jay Leno reviewed the Mercedes 600 on Jay Leno’s Garage, he told the story of an Iranian neighbor who was immediately frightened of the car as he drove it home the day he bought it. This was due to the fact that it immediately brought back memories of the genocidal government officials who used the 600 as their daily driver back in the old country. This is probably the best reaction to have, as the only advice I can give to someone who may spot one of these in a third world country is to just fast as possible.


You lot can rest easy, however, because this 600 resides inside my bedroom in the backwoods of rural Alabama, and is only a 1/43 model made by IXO. As soon as I started collecting Mercedes models, I knew a 600 would have to be added to the selection someday, however since all 1/18 SWB models were outrageously priced, and I didn’t care for a Pullman/Landaulet, 1/43 was the only route I could go down.

IXO feels like the Maisto of 1/43s (ignoring the fact that yes, Maisto does make 1/43s too). They’re not the finest of quality or detailing but they get the job done well, and they do produce some pretty interesting models. I’ve gotten a few before thanks to their James Bond lineup of cars and they’ve all been fairly solid so I really have no complaints with the 600, though a Minichamps quality 1/43 would definitely be much more preferred.


And so that marks the final Mercedes I have to share with you all for Car Week. I think I truly picked the best for last. If you disagree, I think you’ll find the boot quite comfortable.

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