First, a little backstory:

That being said, when the Hot Wheels Civic EF was released I was a bit disappointed it was one of HW’s usual “customized” castings. I saw potential in it though, and over the course of a year, set out to replicate my trusty steed. I’m still not 100% satisfied with it, but if not now, then when?

Added a driveshaft and rear diff for full on 4wd-ness, Diff is from the tip of a valve stem cap and the driveshaft is a PB Blaster straw.
Not the steadiest hands in the world
Wheels borrowed from a Matchbox and lifted by filing the chassis a bit


B and C pillars created from a red straw from a can of PB Blaster, filled the sunroof with super glue and baking soda, shaved off the spoiler, and made the roof rack with paper clips.

I tried to make it more like how the car was when I bought it, not so much how it is now. Including the missing passenger side mirror(even though the interior is RHD).


Hope you guys enjoy.