It’s Car Week, and my usual weekly review would have been Tomica anyway, so here we go. This will be a little shorter than my usual weekly review, as I will have an entrant for each day - all Tomica or Lesney Matchbox. For Land of the Rising Sunday, we have Tomica 48-4, the Mitsubishi Starion 2000 Turbo GSR III. This lovely casting entered the range in December, 1982, and is very “Japan” to me, I had to show it today. It’s really a cool piece:

The pearl white paint along with the excellent tampos are very 80s, and I love the rear lights being an actual translucent plastic lens. The interior is also detailed, and has an accurate steering wheel. Of course, it has the springy suspension, snappy door action, and crisp glazing we expect from Tomica of this era. It looks fantastic on the wide/racing wheels. Just an excellent casting:


Here’s the 1:1, in a period ad that actually appeared on Jalopnik some time ago:


And here’s one many will remember, the car that Jackie Chan and Richard Kiel used in “Cannonball Run II”, complete with great decals that would make a nice tampo, from imcdb:

That’s all for now.