The First generation Mercury Marauder has an unsung Racing heritage. It was actually a Nascar back in 1964. The Indy car guys would come over and be road course ringers for the two Riverside raceā€™s of the year. They would take the wheel with The Mercury Marauder racing team. It was even said by a few drivers that these cars handled a little bit better than their sister car the 1964 Ford Galaxy. But this very car has a dark blanket over top of it. In the 1964 Motor Trend 500 at Riverside Raceway Nascar star Joe weatherly was making easy work passing guys through the feild. Until something broke in the steering and put him full speed into the concrete barrier in one of the fastest turns on the race track. He hit drivers side and the impact was heard around the entire track. He was killed instantly. And he was piloting no other than the 1964 Mercury Marauder. That very incident kept a lot of superstition crazed drivers away from the car. It even has taken away from the legacy of the street car.

I think the Marauder is a cool car for ā€˜Murica Monday because it was an amazing handling car for its weight and size. It also accomplished things in racing it wasnā€™t supposed to. Itā€™s an American Underdog story with a little grim past. Whatā€™s not American about that?


Now the Marauder had the 427 Four speed package. But this engine doesnā€™t look much like the 427. But itā€™s to big to be the 390. So it might be the 406. Even though it kinda doesnā€™t look like a 406 either. But the Mercury Heavy Duty Battery detail makes up for that a bit!



This casting I believe is a Yat Ming product. So I got this a few years ago at BJā€™s for not that much money. But thatā€™s why I wanted to enter this car for ā€˜Murica Monday. Itā€™s going up against stiff competition. This will probably be one of the least expensive models shown today. But much like its racer brother... Itā€™s up for the Challenge.

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