My absolute favorite automobile, a โ€˜65 Chevy Malibu SS Z-16 done by Lane . I like this ride so much I bought a 1:1 a while back and currently restoring it. Sadly mine is not the infamous Z-16 version pictured here but it is an SS. The Z-16 was the first Chevelle to get the 396 engine that made around 400hp. It also featured a fully boxed frame like a convertible would have, a under dash tissue box holder, quadraphonic stereo, and different badge emblem placement. There were only either 200 or 201 of these made and only around 60 still are known to have survived. The number of actual Z-16s produced has been a matter of debate for some time. While there were definitely 200 hardtops made, there has always been a rumor that one convertible was made. Also, Hoss from Bonanza drove one that Chevy gave him to promote the Chevelle line so that makes this car as American as it gets right?!