As I looked through my collection for a good purple car, I was shocked by how few purple cars I have. I really like purple, I should have more of them. Anyways, I picked this Micro Machines β€˜57 Chevy Nomad. This is a favorite of mine from childhood.

My dad loved this particular Micro, because it was so similar to his first car. When he got his license in β€˜68, he bought a β€˜57 Chevy Bel Air wagon in this same purple color. He called it β€œThe Purple Haze.” Dad was in a band back then, and illicit substances may have been involved. He payed the princely sum of $50 for that car, so you can imagine how great of a car it was. The floor boards were so rusty, that the seat would rock back when you stepped on the gas pedal. He had to bring the battery inside the house at night, so that it would start in the morning. He drove it for a few months, and sold it to a friend for the same $50 that he paid. Just in time too, because within a week that friend got to experience the seat breaking away from the floor under acceleration, and tumbling back into the hind end of a rolling vehicle. He lived to tell the tale, and was laughing about it when he told my dad the tale.