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LaLD Car Week Purple(ish) Friday

My submission for purple day is my monster jam Wild Hair. This was a truck that originated in ‘88 as owned and driven by Bob Breen. He then sold the name to Marvin Smith who ran a paint scheme similar to the one on this truck, only yellow and black. In the mid aughts, the name was bought by Jason Witte who ran this paint scheme, same basic idea as Marvin Smith, only DuPont chromalusion instead of yellow. Personally, I like the yellow more, but this is definitely a striking look. I’m not 100%, but I think Hot Wheels actually painted this one in chromalusion too as the color actually shifts from primarily purple to shades of red and green, also since it has the DuPont sponsor on the back, and most Monster Jam trucks usually don’t have sponsors unless it’s a part of the truck name (Advance Auto Parts Grinder, Lucas Oil Crusader, VP Mad Scientist). Hopefully the potato caught some of the color shifting. Enjoy!


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