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LaLD Car Week: Reborn

The craziest Godzilla of them all.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Nissan’s motorsport and tuning division Nismo. Nissan set out to create a special edition model based on their flagship performance car. The infamous R34 GT R. However there’s a big problem, production of the R34 GT R ended roughly a year before Nismo hit the milestone.


So the Nismo team searched the Japan classifieds and handpicked 12 cars as their base. All 12 cars were the already uprated V-Spec model with no more than 30,000 km on the clock. Before going under the knife each one have to pass a checklist of quality inspections including drivetrain and chassis. The car gets a whole tear down to the frame where extra welds were added in key areas complemented with extensive usage of carbon fiber for the floor pan and trunk to increase chassis rigidity.

Almost every part of the original RB26DETT engine was replaced with parts derived from Nissan’s Super GT GT500 race car, with the engine re-bored to 2.8 liters good for minimum of 500hp. Nissan was even kind enough to throw in a 1-year 10,000 km powertrain warranty. During development the engine was aggressive enough to blow the catalytic converter on several occasions at the right turbo boost, so a new high flowing titanium exhaust was developed. A new carbon fiber driveshaft was also installed to handle more torque while shaving off weight.


More usage of carbon fiber on the exterior for the hood, front bumper, fenders, and spoiler. The result is the ultimate R34 GT R from the factory and an amazing unicorn with only a total of 2o units built and only 19 in customer hands. Nissan set out to prove what can be achieved when there are no limits, the chief engineer set no deadlines or budget caps for the GT R Z-Tune project. It took the Nismo team 4 years to re-develop an old model and boy its worth it.

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