How can i NOT repost the Zonda Revoluccion on such an proper day?!

For those who don’t know already, the Zonda Revoluccion is an evolution from the already insane Zonda R. With the Revoluccion, the Mercedes performance devision, AMG, has tuned the 6.0L V12 up to 800 blistering horsepowers. The extra power enable the Revoluccion to gain 730N.m. of torque and a ungodly 748hp PER TONNE.

Also, the Revoluccion is the fastest Zonda to date reaching 60 from standstill in ~2.7 seconds onwards to a top speed of 217mph.


Although the numbers on this AMG derived engine are insane, only 5 Revoluccions were ever built, carrying a hefty price tag of 2.2million euros.

want one? well, you’re only bet is to get the next best thing. AutoArt’s take on the beauty.


Need i say more?


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