I leave for four days and suddenly LaLD goes crazy with these Car Week posts! Over the weekend, my family and I were visiting college campuses in the Southern California region so I haven’t had a chance to participate in the Car Week celebrations, but better late than never! Also, I have severely under-delivered on my promise to showcase my dad’s old Lesney collection so this is the perfect chance to kill two birds with one stone. We just got home about ten minutes ago, but there’s still time to get in my Teutonic Tuesday entry! I apologize for not setting up anything more extensive for taking photos, but here I bring to you, in all of its tan-on-maroon glory, Lesney’s Setra Coach, circa 1970.


So it may not be fast, flashy, or exciting like any of the other 1/64-ish entries today, but this modest Setra Coach has a quiet classiness that speaks of the days of Matchbox yore. Thanks for looking, and see you around LaLD!