Today is Thursday on the Thames. And what is the big city on the Thames? London. And what is headquartered in London? MI6. And who is part of MI6? Bond. James Bond.

And here is the modern Hornby recreation of the old Corgi Aston Martin DB5 from the movie Goldfinger, complete with all kinds of spy gadgets.


The casting itself is alright, about 1:43 in scale, and decently proportioned. The grille sticks out a tad too much, making the front a little bulbous, but the lines are good overall.

The real fun of this car, of course, are its features, so lets run through them.

1. Interchangeable licenseplates! How can you be an international man of mystery without international license plates? You can’t! So of course James features plates from Britain, France, and a third country that I can’t identify. Any ideas?


2. Bullet screen! The rear of the car features a bulletproofscreen to protect the rear window from being pelted with bullets. Handy.



3. Machine guns and rams! [EVIL LAUGHTER] Everybody needs those.

4. Last, but certainly not least, EJECTOR SEAT!! Pretty self-explanatory: Need to get out quick? Boom!


Now lets see it in video form!

Glad to have this guy in my collection. Really classes up the joint, you know?