If you recall last week’s French Friday where I showcased my dad’s old Super Kings Peugeot 305, I promised that I’d have a follow-up this Thursday Thorsday. Well, here it is!

This Volvo 245 DL and Datsun 240Z have seen many miles of play from my little brother and I when we were younger since my dad relinquished his Super Kings to us before he did his 1/64 Lesney collection.

As you can see, that may not have been the brightest idea as the rear suspension of the 245 sits a bit lower than it did originally.


That and the tool chest no longer has its lid actually attached.


Anyways, where is the Peugeot connection, you may ask?

When we were playing with this set, a younger me decided that since the Pug was wearing rally livery it would make a better duo with the Datsun than the Volvo. That and it gave us the chance to load the Pug to the brim with all the rally gear!


This probably won’t count for LaLD Car Week since Thursday Thorsday =/= Thursday on the Thames, but thanks for coming with me on this trip down memory lane anyways and see you around LaLD!